Sahana Eden


This book was written during a three-day book sprint held during the Google Summer of Code Documentation Summit in Mountain View, California between the 18th and 20th of October 2011 by a team of Sahana Developers with assistance from book writing experts.


Authors: (from left to right) Pat Tressel, Fran Boon, Shikhar Kohli, Dominic Koenig, Belinda Lopez, Eli Lev, Michael Howden, Anne Goldenberg (not present)

Subjects: Disaster Management System

Summary :

Sahana Eden is an open source software platform for Disaster Management practioners. It allows tracking the needs of the affected populations and coordinating the responding agencies and their resources. This book is targeted at decision makers looking for solutions, users about to deploy the platform and developers who want to contribute to the project.

Cover Art: Laleh Torabi


Type of Document: collective handbook

Language: English

License: MIT