Introduction to Mallard

Comparing Mallard to other tools

There is no perfect tool for everything. Selecting a tool mindfully is a process of understanding your needs and strengths and choosing one that supports your goals. Although it can be used to do other things, Mallard is specifically designed for writing structured, topic-oriented user help.

This table will help you compare Mallard's features with other documentation tools available for Linux systems.

Mallard Feature Comparison
   Mallard  DocBook  reStructuredText  LateX Lout 
Build system integration
yes (autotools) no yes no no
HTML output yes yes yes yes (latex2html) no
PDF output no yes (fop) yes (rst2pdf) yes yes (experimental)
XML output yes yes yes yes (LaTeXML) no
Automatic back-linking yes no no no no 
Page status tracking yes yes no no no
Auto-updating yes (in Yelp) no no no no