Introduction to Mallard

Projects that use Mallard

A number of projects use Mallard. As Mallard gains users, we hope to add more projects to this page. If you have a project written with Mallard, please notify the Mallard mailing list. You can join the Mallard list at


The documentation for the GNOME desktop is written in Mallard and displayed in Yelp. See GNOME user help at‑help/stable/ for an example of the static help. GNOME applications such as Web, Eye of GNOME, Evince and others are documented in Mallard.


Ubuntu also uses Mallard for documentation. Clicking a help link in Ubuntu brings up contextual help generated with Mallard, and the HTML documentation is created from the same Mallard source. See the Ubuntu HTML documentation at‑help/index.html


Shotwell is a photograph organization application that uses Mallard to generate its contextual help and user guide. See Shotwell user help at for an example.