Introduction to Mallard

Integration requirements

The authoring tools for Mallard are as simple as a text editor, but the build tools depend on other software to make Mallard help easier to maintain. There are three tools required to integrate a Mallard document into your Linux software: the Yelp viewer, the yelp‑tools developer tools for Yelp, and Autotools.


Yelp, a GTK+ help viewer, is the most flexible viewer for Mallard documents. It natively views Mallard, DocBook, HTML, man and info documents. It also supports the help system specification, so that applications which use context‑sensitive help will open their documentation in Yelp. It depends on yelp-xsl at runtime, and currently works only on Linux systems. 


yelp‑tools contains the build tools for Mallard documents, and depends on yelp‑xsl and itstool. yelp‑xsl depends on libxml2 and libxslt. If you do not have the dependencies installed, install the yelp‑tools package using the package manager of your Linux distribution, and the dependencies will also be included. Currently, the yelp‑tools package is not available for OS X or Windows operating systems.


An M4 macro is supplied with yelp‑tools and helps with the management of Mallard documentation, translations and validation. To take full advantage of yelp‑tools in your build system, your project must have an Autotools build system.