Introduction to Mallard

style attribute


The style attribute takes a space-separated list of styling hints. The display tool parses those hints to style the text as it is presented to the reader. Any displayable Mallard element can have a style attribute.


  <note style="info">
    <p>Settings from the <code>user</code> database file
    will take precedence over the settings in the keyfile.</p>

  <note style="important">
    <p><cmd>dconf update</cmd> must be run whenever you modify a keyfile.</p>

  <note style="tip">
    <p>You can also <link xref="dconf-lockdown">lock down</link> the
    settings to prevent users from changing them.</p>

  <note style="bug">
    <p>If dconf had any bugs, this is where you would mention them.
Unfortunately, dconf is awesome and does not have any bugs.</p> </note>

Note styles as displayed in Yelp