Record Activity

Starting Record

You can start the Record Activity either from the Home View or from the List View. Let's try the Home View first :


The 'eye' icon in the above image is what you click to start the Record Activity. Note: the icon might not be in the same place as you see here. If you do not see the icon at all then you should go to the List View. To do this click the icon that looks like five parallel lines at the top right of the Home View :


This takes you to a list of Activities :


You should scroll down the list until you see the Record Activity. You can then do one of two things. You can click the star to the left. This adds the Record Activity to the Home View and then you can return to the Home View by clicking the Home View icon:


You would then start the activity in the way described above. However, if you do not wish to add Record to the Home View then just click the eye icon in the List View and Record starts immediately (it takes a little time to start up).