Record Activity

Things to Try with Record

You can easily take pictures and make videos by using a built-in camera for still photography and video recording. You can also use the camera for video conferencing, which involves talking to others on a video screen knowing that the others can also view your video.

You can express yourself with sound, images, and video using the cameras and microphones. You are learning about light, observations, angle, and perspective.

By recording the sights and sounds around you, others can learn about you, your culture, and environment. You can communicate with your voice and pictures. You can tell factual or emotional stories with film or pictures to help change perceptions or take action.

You could also try some of the following :

  • Use the Record Activity to record your voice with a built-in microphone.
  • Take a photo of where you live by aiming the camera lens at your home, and then clicking the circle icon.
  • Record sounds of your city or town.
  • Record and leave messages for your family.
  • Teachers - record a message for parents.
  • Interview your friends and record it to audio or video.
  • Make a video diary.
  • Open your photos in the Paint Activity and draw on them.
  • Add your pictures to a story using Write.
  • Upload a picture to Flickr or Wikimedia Commons.
  • Attach a picture to an e-mail you send to a friend or family member.
  • Take a picture of a flower or plant from the same place every day to show how it changes.
  • Take a picture of a baby animal every week to show how it grows.