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Installing Jubler on Windows

Software name : Jubler
Homepage :
Software version used for this installation : 3.9
Operating System use for this installation : Microsoft Windows (XP)
Recommended Hardware : 200 Mhz processor (CPU) minimum 

Note : Jubler can be tricky to install. If at any point you get stuck installing Jubler then one tip is to try the freeware Subtitle Workshop instead as it is easier to install but not as feature rich. Jubler requires MPlayer and Aspell to play video files and spell check subtitles. Before proceeding with this installation first install these two applications. If you need some help we have provided information on how to install MPlayer and Aspell (in the sections after installing Jubler - you can follow the process exactly as see below, installing first Jubler and then MPlayer an then Aspell.


Go to the Jubler download page


Click on "Visit this page on SourceForge" and you will see something like this:


Click on "Download Jubler-3.9.0.exe" (the green button) and Jubler should start downloading to your hard drive. I am using Firefox (a type of browser) to download Jubler so I first see this window:


I press 'Save File' and then when the download is completed I see this:


If you are using another browser like Internet Explorer or Opera then the above two steps would be slightly different. 

Now you must know where the file has downloaded to. I always save my files to the Desktop so when I look there I see the installer file I just downloaded:


Double click on the icon to start the install process. The first screen you should see is this :


Click "Next >" and you see the following :

install jubler licence

Put a tick in the "I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement" box and click "Next >":

install components

Leave the above set with the defaults and click "Next >":


Click "Install" and the installer will start doing its magic. If you do not have Java Runtime Environment (also just called 'Java') installed then the installer will download and install it for you (if Java is already installed then you will not see the following installation screens for Java). In this case you will see something like this:


When Java is downloaded you need to accept the license agreement from the pop-up window that appears:


Just press "Accept >" and you will see the progress bar displayed for the installation process of Java:


Click "Finish" and then the last screen should appear:


Click "Finish" and then start the programme from the Start Menu or from the icon on the Desktop.

Installing MPlayer on Windows

Software name : MPlayer
Homepage :
Software version used for this installation : 1.0rc2
Operating System use for this installation : Microsoft Windows (XP)
Recommended Hardware : 200 Mhz processor (CPU) minimum

First go to


We want to select a version from the "HTTP" column. The choices in the columns reflect ways of downloading the files - it is not necessary to understand the difference between HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and BT (Bittorrent) - just choose the 'HTTP' column.

Choose the second download line which reads "Mplayer1.0rc.2 Windows" (the name may alter slightly as a new version may be available by the time you read this). Regardless of the version you choose, don't choose the "GUI" version (line 3). I clicked on the 'UK' link - this is not a choice of language it is a choice of download locations (ie. which country you download the file from - choose the one closest to you).

I am using the Firefox browser and so I see this :


You may see something slightly different depending on what browser you use.  

Save the file, it will most likely download to your Desktop (but not necessarily, depending on how you have configured your browser). This file will end in '.zip' and is known as a ZIP file. The icon may be a folder icon with a 'chain' around it like this:


ZIP files are compressed collections of files and you must first 'decompress' or 'unzip' the file. Windows XP and Vista have built-in helper applications for this. You need to Unzip the file to a location in your "Program File" directory (technically, it doesn't matter where you install the files, but it is good practiceto put them all software in the 'Program Files' directory). Do this by right-clicking on the file and choosing "Extract All"


This will display the first screen of the 'unzip' process :


Now press "Next >" and you will see the following :


You must choose "Browse" and then a 'file browser' window opens :


Highlight the 'Program Files' folder similar to how I have done it in the example above. Then press 'OK'. You will see the following :


Click "Next >" and the Unzip process will actually start (!) :


When the process is complete you will see this final screen :


Now click "Finish".

Installing Aspell on Windows

Now to install aspell...first download the Aspell windows installer by visiting the following page

Click on Full Installer link:


Depending on your browser you will see something similar to this:


Save it to your hard drive. Double click on the exe file:


This will start the installation of Aspell


Click Next for this window and for the following screens :Welcome, Licence, Install Location. Then Click "Install" when presented with the Ready to Install screen (see below):


The installation process will start. You should see this screen when it is completed:


And then click "Next >" and the final screen appears:


Finally, click "Finish".  


Configuring Jubler on Windows

Now we need to configure Jubler so it can use MPlayer and Aspell.

Configure Jubler for MPlayer

Now open Jubler (when Jubler starts you will see a 'splash screen' - a picture of a parrot. Click on this and it will disappear and the Jubler window will appear). Select File > Preferences:


The Preferences Window then opens:

jub inst

Click on the Player Tab at the top.


Click on "Wizard":


Now select "Automatically search for the exexutable" rather than the manual option, and press Continue. Jubler will then search your computer for the location of MPlayer.


This wizard should then pick up where your MPlayer file is. If so it will say MPlayer executable has been found.


If so Click Finish.


Then Click Accept.

Configuring Jubler for Aspell

Now open Jubler and once again Select File > Preferences.


You will see the Preferences Window:

jub inst

Click on the "Speller" tab :


Click on "Wizard" and you will see the following :


Select "Automatically search for the executable"


Click on "Continue" and Jubler will start searching for Aspell and Juber should come back with a message that the executable has been found.


If so Click "Finish".


Then Click "Accept".