Windows Installation

Software name : Miro
Homepage : http://www.getmiro.com/
Software version used for this installation : 1.2.8
Operating System used for this installation : Microsoft Windows (XP)
Recommended Hardware : 200 MHz processor (CPU) minimum

Go to the home page for Miro (http://www.getmiro.com) and the page should recognise your operating system and offer you to the relevant download option in the green download box.

getmiro homepage

If this is not the correct version — for example if you are using a Windows computer and it suggests a download for Mac — you can select the download tab in the top menu.

Otherwise, if it is the right version, click on the green box and you are asked to download Miro:

download box miro

You are offered to save the file on your computer (or your browser may be set up to download it automatically to your Desktop or a folder you have chosen). If you are presented with the above window, then clicking "Save File" leads you to a file browser.

miro install

Choose a location to download your Miro install file to and click"Save". When the file has been downloaded, browse to where the file has been downloaded and double-click it. This causes an installer window to appear:

choose language

The installer shows a list of fifteen or so languages. Choose the language that you want to use for the application menus and messages, and click "OK".

Follow these steps to proceed through the setup program:

  1. On the "Welcome to Miro" setup page, choose either "Easy Install" or "Custom Install", and click "Next".
  2. If you chose "Custom Install", you can choose options on the following screens. If you are unsure about any option, you can accept the default options that are already selected. On each screen, click "Next" after you have chosen options.
    1. On the "Choose Components" screen, select the boxes for the components of Miro that you want to be installed.
    2. On the "Choose Install Location" screen, specify where on your computer to install Miro's files.
    3. On the "Choose a Start Menu" screen, specify a folder on your Start Menu for Miro's shortcuts. Click "Install".

    A progress bar appears while the setup program installs files on your computer.

  3. The setup program may offer to install other software. These programs are other free, libre open source applications. Choose an option for whether to install this software, and click "Next".
  4. If you want to run Miro right away, leave the "Run Miro" box selected. Otherwise, clear the box. Click "Finish" to end the setup program. 

Running Miro for the First Time

The first time that you run Miro, you see the "Miro First Time Setup" window.

  1. If you want Miro to run whenever your computer starts, leave "Yes" selected. Otherwise, select "No". Click "Next".
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. If you want Miro to look for video files that are already on your computer, leave "Yes" selected. If you keep your video files in a location that is not typical, select "Search custom folder" and click "Change", which opens a file browser so you can select your video folder. Click "Finish" when Miro is done searching for files.
    2. If you don't want Miro to look for video files, select "No" and click "Finish".

Once you click "Finish", Miro starts for the first time.