Pure Data




Audio Math

Vanilla Objects
+~ -~ *~ /~
operators on audio signals
max~ min~
maximum or minimum of 2 inputs
restrict a signal to lie between two limits
signal reciprocal square root
signal square root
remainder modulo 1
fft~ ifft~
forward and inverse complex FFT
rfft~ rifft~
forward and inverse real FFT
estimate frequency and amplitude of FFT components
mtof~ ftom~ rmstodb~ dbtorms~ rmstopow~ powtorms~
conversions for audio signals
pow~ log~ exp~ abs~
Extended Objects
# >~, <~, ==~, &&~, ||~
logical operators
abs~ cyclone flatspace markex zexy absolute value of a signal
absgn~ flatspace zexy absolute value + signum
addl~ iemlib signal addition with line~
amp~ hcs smooth amplitude control
atan2~ cyclone flatspace ggee get the phase from a imaginary value of the fft
avg~ cyclone flatspace zexy arithmetic mean of 1 signal-vector
Clip~ cyclone limit numbers to a range
divl~ iemlib signal divison with line~
exp~ log~
signal math
expr~ fexpr~ vanilla expression evaluation
ln~ flatspace motex log~
m2f~ flatspace iemlib convert MIDI pitch to frequency (obsolete)
mull~ iemlib signal multiplication with line~
multiline~ flatspace zexy line~d multiplication of multiple signals
pol2rec~ flatspace motex inverse of rec2pol~
rec2pol~ flatspace motex convert rectangular coordinates to polar
round~ iemlib round signal float to nearest integer
sgn~ flatspace zexy signum of a signal
sin_phase~ flatspace iemlib calculate phase difference between 2 sine-waves, in samples
subl~ iemlib signal subtraction with line~
convert numbers to signal with sample accuracy
bfft~ creb flatspace reordered fft
bitsplit~ creb convert signal to binary vector
blocknorm~ creb normalize a (set of) dsp block(s) (i.e. for spectral processing)
dwt~ creb flatspace discrete wavelet transform
idwt~ creb flatspace discrete inverse wavelet transform
delta~ cxc cyclone flatspace difference between this and last sample
acos~ asin~atan~ cyclone arc functions
acosh~ cyclone
asinh~ cyclone
atanh~ cyclone
average~ cyclone
cosh~ sinh~ tanh~ cyclone hyperbolic functions
cosx~ sinx~ tanx~ cyclone
log~ cyclone
cartopol~ poltocar~ cyclone cartesian to polar conversion
pow~ cyclone
framescore~ framespect~ ekext flatspace calculates weighted similarity value for 2 signal vectors
hssc~ ekext flatspace highest significant spectral component
mandelbrot~ ext13 flatspace z=z*z+c
bwin~ flatspace multiplies a signal block with a window
bmax~ flib gives block max
irreg~ flib irregularity
melf~ flib creates a mel spaced filterbank to generate mel frequency cepstral coefficients
mspec~ flib get amplitude or power spectrum from fft
peak~ flib get spectral peaks from magnitudes / estimate frequency
pspec~ flib get phase spectrum from fft
sc~ flib spectral centroid
scm~ flib spectral flatness measure
ss~ flib spectral smoothness
trist~ flib tristimulus x, y, z