Google Summer of Code - Melange

After Student Acceptance

Once Students have been accepted and have an assigned Mentor, the Organization Administrator gets to relax a bit. During the Community Bonding Phase between Student proposal acceptance and the start of Student work, Organization Administrators may need to assist with Students withdrawing from the program and being replaced by other Students, or accepting new Mentors. During Student work the Organization Administrators may be asked to nag a Mentor or a Student to respond, but generally you are in a lull period until the Midterm Evaluation Period.

Below are some instructions for things you may need or want to do during this time. 

How do I Accept a Student after the Deadline?

Contact a Program Administrator. This should occur only in very exceptional circumstances and only if a previously accepted Student drops out of the program through no fault of your organization's and a replacement student is desired before the coding period begins.

Can I send a Bulk email / "form letter" from Melange

No. Melange sends email to people requesting to be a Mentor or Organization Administrator for your organization, and Accepted and Rejected Students, but does not offer generic bulk email capabilities.