Google Summer of Code - Melange


Once Students have been accepted into the program, you will not need to use Melange as much. However, there are two evaluation periods you need to participate in during the program. The midterm evaluation and the final evaluation. The evaluations function in the same way with the only difference being the point in the program timeline when they happen. 

During the evaluation periods, you will be able to see the Mentor Evaluations and Student Evaluations pages linked from My Dashboard in Melange. Here you can see lists of all Mentors and Students for your organization. During the evaluation window, visit My Dashboard and then click on Mentor Evaluations or Student Evaluations as appropriate to view the status of all evaluations for your Organization. 

For both types of evaluations, Organization Administrators will need to make sure that all the assigned Mentors for your organization have submitted an evaluation of each student(s) by the deadline. You will also need to ensure all Students for your organization have submitted an evaluation of their Mentor(s). 

Organization Administrators can submit an evaluation of a Student on any Mentor's behalf. Students cannot fill out and submit the evaluation earlier or later than the assigned evaluation window.

Who should write the evaluation?

A Student's evaluation can be completed by any of her Mentors or by the Mentor's Organization Administrator. Only one evaluation will be completed (and later changes will overwrite earlier ones). Mentors and Organization Administrators should agree on who is responsible for completing the evaluation.

If more than one evaluation is submitted, it overwrites the previous evaluation. The one in the system at the evaluation deadline is the one that will be recorded for the student.

How do I pass/fail a Student?

After completing the Student evaluation, you can pass or fail a Student by pressing the radio button for pass or fail on the appropriate question. A Student is passed only if they have filled out their evaluation, and the Mentor has set the grade in their evaluation of the student to pass.  

Possible evaluation states for students to be in after the evaluation deadline:  

  • Pass: The Student submitted an evaluation of their Mentor before the deadline, the Mentor submitted an evaluation of the Student before the deadline, and the Mentor marked the Student as "pass" on the evaluation.
  • Fail: The Student fails if she submits an evaluation of her Mentor and the Mentor marks the student as "fail" on the Student's evaluation. Also, the Student automatically fails if she does not submit an evaluation of her Mentor before the deadline, regardless of the grade the Mentor gives the student. 
  • Undecided: The Student submitted an evaluation of her Mentor, but the Mentor did not submit an evaluation of the Student by the deadline. The Student is in this state until the Program Administrator manually changes the Student's grade to either a pass or a fail.

How do I pass/fail a Student after the evaluation deadline? 

Contact a Program Administrator. This creates a lot of extra work for the Program Administrators. Please avoid this at all costs. 

How do I know if a Mentor has not filled out their survey?

Go to your My Dashboard and go to either the Student or Mentor evaluations. You will see a "status" column that indicates either "Submitted" or "Not Submitted."