Google Summer of Code - Melange


Sometimes you will run into a problem with Melange that you're not sure how to fix. Here are some answers to common questions we've run into with the website in the past.

Where do I file bugs or feature requests for Melange?

We track all the bugs and feature requests for the website at You can look at all the current issues in the Issues list or file a new issue with the Issues -> New Issue link.

What do I do if I can't log in anymore?

There are various reasons why you might not be able to log in to the website. Try some of these options:

  • If you use multiple email addresses regularly, you might want to try logging in with a different email address. It is possible to create a profile in Melange using a different email address than your Google account email address: try logging in with one or the other. 
  • If you were using either an or an email and migrated to the other, you will have trouble logging in. You'll need to contact a Melange developer on the mailing list to have it fixed. 

Why doesn't "Connect With Us" have direct contact information?

We are a small team administering this program and can't answer your questions individually. Please make use of the IRC channel, mailing lists, and social networking sites we use to connect with our users so that we can distribute the workload amongst us evenly. Thank you for being patient when you ask a question on our mailing list or in IRC. We'll try to respond as soon as we're able. The GSoC Discuss mailing list, available at, is the best place to ask questions as other students, mentors, and organization administrators are likely to respond to your inquiry quite quickly (there are thousands of people on the list who enjoy helping out fellow open source enthusiasts).

I got a 404 error -- what do I do now? 

A 404 error means that the webpage is not found. Most likely you are trying to access a webpage that doesn't exist, has been moved, or has been deleted. If you feel like this is really a mistake, please contact the Melange developers at to see if the page was mistakenly moved. 

I got a 500 error -- what do I do now? 

Most often the solution to this error is to wait a little while and refresh the page. Melange sometimes has intermittent timeouts or has load issues. Try again a little later. If the defect is persistent and repeatable, please contact the Melange developers at with as many details about it as possible. Helpful details include which operating system and browser you are using, including the version number of each, what you were trying to do when you encountered the problem, and exactly what happened.