Google Summer of Code - Melange

After the Program

Submitting Code Samples in Melange

As a requirement of Google Summer of Code, all Students who receive passing final evaluations will need to provide either a sample or a copy of the code they produced as part of participating in the program. Ask your Mentor if you are not sure which you should do. All Students will need to add files, which can include source files, a single .diff file, multiple .diff files, git bundles, etc. to their project in Melange. 

If your status is in a "fail" or "undecided" state you will not be able to upload your code sample. 

Code Sample File Naming Convention

Name your tarball file according to the following convention: givennames_surnames.tar.* (e.g. Carol_Smith.tar.gz)

How to Provide Your Code Samples

Login to your your account in Melange.

  1. Go to My Dashboard
  2. Go to My Projects section and choose the project you worked on
  3. Click on Update 
  4. At the bottom of Update Project page, use the form to upload code samples 
Keep in mind there is a firm deadline for submitting code samples via Melange. Check with your Organization Administrator if you need more information.