Google Summer of Code - Melange

Data Privacy

Melange's datastore goes back to the website's first use in 2009. Earlier information about the Google Summer of Code program is not available in Melange. Older records may be available at if they were posted in a blog post. If not, you can try contacting the Program Administrators at, but please be aware that you will most likely not be able to access this information. 

Who can see what information about me? 

The Program Administrators (Google Open Source Programs employees) can always see your profile, your proposal (if applicable), and your forms (if applicable) regardless of your role. 

Student proposals may always be viewed by the Mentors and Organization Administrators of the organization to which the proposal was submitted. Organization Administrators and Mentors cannot see proposals from students for other organizations by default. If the Student chooses to mark the proposal "public", they can give the URL to another person to view and that person will also be able to view the proposal.

Mentor names and email addresses may always be viewed by the Organization Administrators of the Mentor's organization.

Organization contact information may be visible to other Organization Administrators during the deduplication phase of Google Summer of Code if a duplicate situation exists between the two (or more) organizations.

How long do you save information and what information does Melange save?

Melange saves personally identifiable information (such as email and postal addresses) only as long as necessary to complete programs and meet applicable legal requirements. Melange may save participant work products (such as code written by students or comments written by mentors) indefinitely.

How do I delete my account?

Send an email to the Program Administrator at Please indicate which year(s) profile you'd like to delete.  For example, if you participated in 2010, 2011 and 2012, please request that all three years be deleted.

How do I confirm that Melange has deleted what I told it about me?

Visit Melange and, after logging in with your Google account, you should check whether you have a My Profile link in the sidebar or not. If you don't see that link, that means you don't have  a profile for the current year. To check if your profile has been correctly deleted for other years of Google Summer of Code, you can visit the Accepted Projects page and change the current program using the dropdown found on the top right of the page, just above the list. Every time you select a different year, the whole website switches to that year's version, so you can check if you have a link to My Profile there. If you don't see a link to My Profile, your profile for that year has been deleted as well. 

Can I undelete an account? 

No, we cannot undelete your profile. You must create a new one.