Google Summer of Code - Melange

Student Work Period & Evaluations

While mentoring your student during the program be aware that there are also two evaluation windows that will require action from a Mentor. The first is the midterm evaluation and the second is the final evaluation. 

For both evaluations, you will need to wait until the evaluation window opens in order to submit an evaluation of your Student(s). During the evaluation window, visit My Dashboard -> Mentor Evaluations or Student Evaluations to access the evaluations that you are required to complete. You will see evaluations in the list for students for whom you are a Mentor.

You will be asked a series of questions about your Student and you will need to decide if the Student should pass or fail the evaluation. Press the Submit button when you are done evaluating the Student. You can re-access the evaluation and make edits as many times as you would like to up until the evaluation deadline. The evaluation can be accessed via My Dashboard -> Mentor Evaluations or Student Evaluations.


Who should write the evaluation?

A Student's evaluation can be completed by any of her Mentors or by the Mentor's Organization Administrator. Only one evaluation will be completed (and later changes will overwrite earlier ones). Mentors and Organization Administrators should agree on who is responsible for completing the evaluation.

If more than one evaluation is submitted, it overwrites the previous evaluation. The one in the system at the evaluation deadline is the one that will be recorded for the student. 

Failing a Student at Midterm versus Final

Failing a student is a serious action which removes the student from the program. Please consider the situation carefully before doing so. This action cannot be undone.

If a student is marked as "fail" in the midterm evaluation they are then removed from the Accepted Projects list on the Google Summer of Code homepage and they will not appear in your Evaluations when the final evaluation window opens. If you fail a Student at the midterm they are completely removed from the Google Summer of Code and will no longer be able to participate in that year's program. 

For the final evaluation if a Student is marked as "fail", they are then removed from the Accepted Projects list on the Google Summer of Code homepage.

Once you have marked a Student as "fail" and the evaluation deadline (midterm or final) has passed there is no way to change the student's status to "pass." The fail action can not be undone once the evaluation deadline has passed.

Post Evaluation Student Deadline States 

  • Pass: The Student submitted an evaluation of their Mentor before the deadline, the Mentor submitted an evaluation of the Student before the deadline, and the Mentor marked the student as "Pass" on the evaluation.
  • Fail: The Student fails if she submits an evaluation of her Mentor and the Mentor marks the Student as "Fail" on the Student's evaluation. The Student also automatically fails if she does not submit an evaluation of her Mentor before the deadline, regardless of the grade the Mentor gives the Student. 
  • Undecided: The Student submitted an evaluation of her Mentor, but the Mentor did not submit an evaluation of the Student by the deadline. The Student is in this state until the Program Administrator manually changes the Student's grade to either "Pass" or a "Fail".