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Dictionaries and Glossaries

Most domains have their own terminology; in this way a jaguar can be several types of aeroplane, an animal, a protein in the fruit fly or a car brand. Many texts including this manual have a glossary defining terminology used. Dictionaries and particularly translation dictionaries often do not include the specialized terminology needed in specific texts.

When a set of connected documents is translated, it is important to standardize the use of the underlying terminology, because this will improve comprehension of the translated texts. Another achievement of standardized terminology is that it can help identify hyperlinks within web based content. However, before using a term, the terminology has to be cross-checked by means of reliable ressources in order to ensure usage of the correct term for the respective domain. 


Many publications contain a glossary or wordlist that includes the definition of the term as used in a specific publication. By means of these definitions it is easier to find the equivalent concepts in the target language. This helps to improve consistency in the translated text.

Online Dictionaries