Open Translation Tools



Pootle is a web-based translation management tool that helps groups collaborate around language translation.  Although web-based, the software is downloadable so that users can set up their own Pootle server on an intranet where people can contribute and collaborate.  Some of these collaborative features include work assignment, statistical information, the ability to suggest translations and a database of previously-translated segments of language called "translation memory."  Pootle is built on the Translate Toolkit, a free software toolkit for translating content.

What is it used for?

Pootle is mainly used for group collaboration around translating content.  Translating the user interface of computer programs from one language to another was Pootle's intended use (as opposed to translating documents or subtitles).  However, Pootle's project management features allow it to be used for a variety of translation projects that involve multiple people.

Pootle has been used by several Open Source projects such as Mozilla Firefox, and One Laptop Per Child.  


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Pootle is Free Software software released under the GPL.