Open Translation Tools

Translate Toolkit

The Translate Toolkit is a collection of useful tools for localisation, and an API for programmers of localisation tools. 

What is it used for?

The Toolkit is useful in translation workflows for simplifying formats.  It can convert between various different translation formats (such as Gettext PO formats, XLIFF,, and Mozilla formats) giving you the option of working in one localization format for your entire translation work.  The project itself seeks a better standardization of translation formats.  Because of its formatting conversion abilities, the Translate Toolkit is useful, for example, for updating old translation files for newer templates. 

The toolkit also includes tools to help check, validate, merge and extract messages from localizations.  For instance, pulling a terminology list from a localization is easy through the Translate Toolkit interface as is finding differences in translations throughout one translation workflow. 


The Translate Toolkit is free software licensed under the GPL.