Open Translation Tools

Web Translation Systems

A web translation system is a web-based service that provides machine translation between two or more languages. Web translation systems rarely produce perfect translations (especially between languages that are not in the same language family), but they often help give readers a rough idea of the basic content of the text. Some translators use web translation as part of their workflow to either produce a draft version that they can edit into final translation or to create an alternate document to compare the translations of particular words and phrases.

Most content management systems offer plugins such as WordPress' Global Translator plugin [] which offers machine translations in 41 different languages using Google Translate, Babel Fish, Promt, and FreeTranslations.


Apertium (  is a rule-based open source machine translation engine that focuses mostly on Latin-based European languages.


Moses ( is an open source statistical machine translation system that allows you to automatically train translation models for any language pair. Online versions of Moses currently translate between Czech↔English, English→Russian, Finnish↔{Swedish,English}, and English↔{German,Spanish,French}. (


Anubadok (  is a free and open source machine translation system for English to Bengali translations.

Google Translate

Google Translate ( is not an open system but it is a powerful and free web translation service that enables users to quickly look up translations for a phrase, document or website. Google's system is a statistical machine translation system, which works by comparing parallel texts and their translations in many languages. With a sufficient large training set (typically millions or tens of millions of sentences), the system learns to translate texts by example. Like any machine translation system, Google's system does not provide human quality translations, but generally provides decent, approximate translations.


Babelfish (, once owned by Alta Vista and now part of Yahoo!, is similar to Google Translate. It is powered by Systran rule-based machine translation.


ToggleText ( is a proprietary web translator that focuses on English↔Indonesian translation.

Other Systems

A thorough list of commercial machine translation systems is available at