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OmegaT+, a computer aided/assisted translation (CAT)/machine aided human translation(MAHT) tool, has many of the good features that users expect in a translation tool (translation memory, full and partial matches, glossary function, search engine, support for various document types, translation projects) presented in a straight forward manner that is simple and easy to use.

Application Area

OmegaT+ assists a human translator in the translation of documents by leveraging legacy translations contained in translation memories (TMX).  A variety of document formats for translation are supported, including: OpenDocument (OpenOffice/ODF), HTML/ XHTML, plain text, Java properties, Portable Object, DocBook and others. During translation the translation memories are searched to provide matches that can be used to speed up the process of translation. The provided matches, from legacy translations, may be used and edited into a new translation that upon completion will be saved into translation memory again to provide further matches in future use. This cycle of use and reuse is continued until all segments (subparts of documents, usually sentences) in a document and ultimately a project (a number of documents grouped together for convenience or business purposes) are completed. The final result will be a fully translated translation memory that can be exported to TMX and used to regenerate the original documents with the translated text in its place. 

OmegaT+ features:

  • Exact and approximate Matches
  • Automatic propagation of matches from project translation memory
  • Supports multi-document projects
  • Supports multiple external/legacy translation memories
  • Supports right-to-left languages
  • Nice interface with docking desktop, different styles, custom fonts, drag'n drop, and so on
  • Supports translation memory (TMX) standard - prevents vendor lock-in
  • Localized into a number of languages (can be switch between them from menu) and is simple to extend to new languages
  • Cross-platform application. Runs on any Java supported operating system  (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.)

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