Open Translation Tools

Translating SVG

SVG as a format allows translators easy access to text.  For example, the following image was created as an SVG with text by Inkscape and exported as a png :


Because SVG is a text file you can edit an SVG image in a text editor.  If I open the original SVG in a text editor I see something like this :


Now if I want to change the text "Hello World" and not change any of the other content in the image, I can scroll down until I see the text I want to edit :


I can then change the text with the text editor into "hallo werld" (the Dutch translation) :


After saving, I can then open the file in Inkscape and I see the same background with the new translated text :


From Inkscape I can then export the file as a png or other image format. You can also edit the text with an SVG editor like Inkscape of course and translate the text, but with simple images, or for developing efficient workflows, a text editor might work just as well.