Examples using Scribus

This chapter will show you some examples of works done with Scribus in various artistic and professional contexts.

An independent general-interest magazine: Le Tigre

Le Tigre is an independent magazine free of advertising, founded in 2006, distributed on newsstands and in bookstores. Various journalists, photographers, designers, writers, and academics are involved in Le Tigre.

Le Tigre is distinguished by its eclecticism, where you might read long essays, geopolitical articles, cartoons, photograph portfolios, and criticism, among other topics.

It was the first newspaper in France designed solely with free software.

A New Zealand travel book

For two months in 2009, Marcus Holland-Moritz travelled in New Zealand. With the large number of photographs he took, he created this book, including a narrative about his experiences.


This book was published under Creative Commons BY-SA-ND license. For more information, visit the site: .

A DVD jacket for Villes en Eaux Troubles


Villes en Eaux Troubles is a French documentary film by Yves Entenich. The cover of the jacket was designed using Inkscape, then imported into Scribus. Using microtypographic approaches, the spacing and kerning were carefully adjusted for a pleasing typographical color. Here we also see the cut marks at the corners.

Conception: Thibaut Hofer – Creative Commons BY-SA

A textbook on Physics and Chemistry

A textbook for a 6th level Physics and Chemistry class, laid out by Dan Bourgami Magaouata, and published by Editions du Sahel in Niger.

A calculus book in African languages

An introductory calculus book for bilingual schools in Dioula language used in Burkina Faso, formatted and published by Boureima Kinda OSEO Publisher / Solidar Switzerland. By using a single file with multiple layers, multiple versions have been possible in nine African languages, including Mossi, Dyula, Fulfulde, Lyélé, Gourmanchéma, Nuni, Dagara, Baraka, and Lebiri.

A brochure for the Wikipedia bookshelf

The Wikipedia Bookshelf collects and creates informative material about Wikipedia and projects, that serves to introduce new contributors to Wikipedia and other projects.

Wikimedia encourages the use of Scribus for creating this material and the most recent editions were indeed created this way.

Experiments by Open Source Publishing (OSP)

OSP is a collective of designers using only free software. Closely linked to the founding of Media Arts Brussels Constant, they test the possibilities and realities of the practice of design, illustration, cartography and typography using a range of free tools, including Scribus.

A sales brochure for ActivDesign

A brochure to describe training from ActivDesign association, the FormationLibre network of trainers.

4 pages in full color, printed on heavy coated paper. Design and layout by Cédric Gémy.

Introductory guide to beekeeping

This introductory guide to beekeeping is published by the association ITSAP-Institu de l'abeille, which provide all necessary legal, economic, and practical information for those wishing to become beekeepers. Graphic and design by Cédric Gémy, 2011.

A CD cover for My.playlist


My.monkey comes from the My Monkey Art and Graphic Design Gallery in Nancy, France. On the disk is a combination of artwork and music. The cover is based on the template of an actual disk. The text was placed with Attach Text to Path on a spiral which was created in Inkscape, then imported to Scribus.

Design: my.monkey, Creative Commons BY-SA

The Sentinel Guide

Sentinel Guide is published by l'association des Eaux et Rivières de Bretagne, to raise awareness of their efforts in promoting respect for the aquatic environment and provide information on corrections in case of problems. Booklet, 52 pages, two-color printing, and a PDF form on the web. Design and graphic design by Cédric Gémy, 2011.

Poster for the 2011 Makaranta Prize

A poster produced by the foundation for the Makaranta Prize for bilingual schools, "Encouraging reading in French and the national language", Niger.

A brochure for the Forum des Alternatives

A leaflet in three parts, folded to letter size, containing descriptions, dates and locations proposed for this event in Gap, France in 2009. Scribus was used for the layout of the flyer, with assistance from Gimp for the cover illustration.

Under the direction of Camille Bissuel (yagraph), CC-BY-SA

A book on building yurts

As of early 2012, this book of one hundred pages on building yurts was still in progress. The project was begun in 2008 by Anne Goldenberg, a motivated novice, who wanted to take information from a website (under a free licence) and publish a book on construction of a yurt. It has been a slow project, perhaps in part related to not having a book about Scribus.

She had hoped for publication in 2012, under CC-BY-SA.