Freedom Fone

Localise user interface

Freedom Fone facilitates PO based localisation. For more technical information on how to extract all strings into a PO file, read the Localisation section of our Developers' Guide.

Freedom Fone have already localised the user interface into various languages that you can take advantage of. If you would like to change your version of Freedom Fone into a language more suitable for you, follow these steps. 

The example provided is for adding a French localisation.

Download a copy of the latest French language file from the Freedom Fone website.

Copy your localised po file to the Desktop on your Freedom Fone server. If it has a different file name, rename your localised po ­file to default.po

Open a terminal window (by clicking on the Terminal icon in the centre of the Title bar at the top of the Freedom Fone desktop screen) and create a new folder with the three letter ISO code (ISO_639­3) for the new language. Make sure to use international conventions to name your folder. For more information visit­-3/codes.asp

For 2.0 users

cd /usr/local/freedomfone/gui/app/locale
sudo mkdir fre
cd fre

For 2.S users

cd /opt/freedomfone/gui/app/locale
sudo mkdir fre
cd fre

Create a folder called LC_MESSAGES under your new language folder

sudo mkdir LC_MESSAGES

Copy your localised default.po file to the LC_MESSAGES folder

 cp /home/manguensis/Desktop/default.po default.po

Important: Please note that the folder name 'manguensis' may change if you are using a different version:
v2.0.x = sekowei
v2.S.7, 2.S.8 = sharicus
v2.D.x = suyo

Change permissions to make default.po executable by all users

chmod a-x default.po

Next, we need to add the new language as an option to the dropdown language selector on the Freedom Fone Dashboard > Settings page.

Open the CakePHP configuration file

For 2.0 users

gedit /usr/local/freedomfone/gui/app/config/config.php 

For 2.S users

gedit /opt/freedomfone/gui/app/config/config.php 

and add your language to the bottom of the $config['LANGUAGES'] variable. Make sure to add a comma to the end of the line above your entry.

config['LANGUAGES']=   array(
'eng'   =>   __('English',true),
'fre'   =>   __('French',true),
'por'   =>   __('Portuguese',true),
'esp'   =>   __('Spanish',true),
'swa'   =>   __('Swahili',true)

In the background, CakePHP applies the selected locale in the AppController (before Filter).

To test your localisation, go to the Freedom Fone Dashboard > Settings page and select your new language option.