Freedom Fone

Version 2S7 & 2S8 Overview

What's new?

  • SMS sending via OfficeRoutes, Huawei dongles and Clickatell Bulk SMS gateway
  • The new 'SMS Centre' menu option brings SMS sending and receiving under one menu - the original 'Message centre' is now exclusively for voice messages and LAM IVR
  • SMSs can either be received into one global Inbox or separated into a different Inbox for each sim card
  • SMSs can be received via multiple OfficeRoute devices
  • Improved Hardware management
    • New USB dongle detection and management wizards/scripts
    • New Dashboard →Service Mapping option for connecting voice enabled dongles to IVR menus. No need to edit configuration files if you add additional Leave a message IVRs or other IVRs.
      The Dashboard → Active GSM channels page will now show details for multiple connected OfficeRoute devices
      Dashboard → GSM channels page renamed to Active GSM channels and now displays additional device information
  • The Graphic Reporting tool has been integrated into the System data menu as System data → Call graphs
  • Additional security for OfficeRoute devices has been added in the form of an optional firewall whitelist
  • Logs are now displayed in descending chronological order
  • Default user and password for FFv2S7 and FFv2S8 servers are:
    user: sharicus
    password: sharicus

What else has been improved?

  • We've updated the development framework to CakePHP v2.4
  • Fixed a variety of bugs
  • Clarified the normalization settings required for the OfficeRoute
  • We've written a Developer's guide that covers additions and improvements made in FFv2S7. Download the latest version of the Sharicus_2S7_developer_guide from

Differences between FFv2S7 and FFv2S8

  • FFv2S7 runs on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Ubuntu 12.04LTS will be supported by Ubuntu with updated drivers until 2017.
  • FFv2S8 runs on Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Ubuntu 14.04LTS is Ubuntu's latest long term support release. Since this release was only made available in April 2014 there may be bugs in the operating system for some months to come. Try this version first. If Ubuntu bugs give you problems, revert to FFv2S7.

There are so many improvements we urge you to move onto either v2S7 or v2S8! Unfortunately there is no upgrade script (sorry!) so you will need to make a note of your statistics, export any important data for archive purposes and do a fresh install.