Freedom Fone

Working with Voice Messages

Freedom Fone's Leave-a-message (LAM) functionality allows callers to leave a voice message with your service (for detailed information refer to the chapter Leave a message in the Freedom Fone User and Advocacy Guide).

Callers’ audio messages can be titled, tagged, categorised and rated. They can also be archived if required – in message edit view the status field can be used for this purpose. Each audio message can be exported as an .mp3 file using the download icon .

There are many ways to make use of this feedback:

Always respond to feedback when you are required to do so - this will build caller loyalty and a positive perception of your service. Using the information you receive, acting on it and informing your audience is the single most important aspect of a successful LAM deployment.

If using Freedom Fone in conjunction with radio, you can re-broadcast the feedback you receive. Be sure to choose messages that are clear and audible. You may want to choose messages that are varied in opinion and representative of your audience.

You can choose to edit the messages you receive to make a vox pop around a particular topic (refer to the chapter on Vox Pops). Your audience can then call in and access the vox pops via the IVR.

You can choose to edit the messages you receive to create a podcast for your website.