Freedom Fone

Micro Audio Drama

One of the ways to be more creative with your audio content is to produce micro audio dramas, which when done well, can be compelling and interesting while delivering an important message. Each episode should be no more than 2-3 minutes in length.

Our tips

Take advantage of local dramatists, particularly those with some experience in "drama for change" for radio - writing dramas for audio is quite difficult, where you have only a voice to convey an idea, no gestures, clothes or facial expressions.

Use local actors or radio voices - they will have some experience with conveying a message using tone, pitch and speed, and this may significantly reduce your recording time. It may also offer the secondary benefit of having your audience recognise a well-known voice and increase the popularity of the service.

Limit the number of characters and the complexity of the plot. We recommend a maximum of 4 characters. Choose actors with voices that will be easier for the listeners to differentiate between - young, old, male, female, high voice, low voice etc.

Avoid background noises e.g to illustrate that your actor is entering a bar - these can be confusing over a telephone and your message may well be lost. Also avoid large blocks of extraneous material e.g lead-in music - if your audience is paying for the call, these wasted periods will be annoying.

Repeat important messages as often as possible without being boring - just in case someone misses the point through an intermittent connection.

Depending on your format, it is best to offer several shorter episodes as opposed to one long drama. In the event a caller runs out of airtime, or loses his connection, they can call back and go directly to the episode they wish to hear - without having to start from the very beginning all over again.

You may wish to make all episodes available immediately - to maintain audience interest and reduce your advertising costs. Large intervals between episodes may result in callers having forgotten previous episodes / the number to call / when the next episode begins etc.