About This Manual

This manual evolved during a two-day Book Sprint at the Doctrain West conference. Scott Abel extended the invitation, and the sprint was a collaborative effort by FLOSS Manuals, Doctrain West, and the Mozilla Foundation.

Janet Swisher and Anne Gentle did the organization for the event with assistance by David Tenser (Mozilla) and Adam Hyde.

Chris Hofmann (Director of Special Projects at Mozilla) also attended.

25 writers collaborated over two days in virtual and real space to produce a book in two days! In addition to original content, large amounts of material was reused from the excellent Firefox Support Knowledge Base.

On the 16th May 2009 the Mozilla community got together for a one-day sprint to copy-edit and polish the manual. Lastly, on the 16th of July 2009, the Mozilla community once again came together to update this manual for Firefox 3.5. This consisted of simple things such as updating screenshots to major jobs such as writing about new Features for this release. We would like to thank all who participated for their hard work to create this excellent resource.