Guide to Independent Video Hosting

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

You may want a more flexible way to embed videos than the default. There are literally hundreds of plugins that offer this, so it is hard to offer an overview. Instead, we outline the possibilities of just one called Advanced Responsive Video Embedder.

Hands On: Using Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

If you need help on how to search for and install WordPress plugins you can read help here.

To start, install Advanced Responsive Video Embedder. plugin AND an additional plugin called Jquery Colorbox.

You will then see a new icon of a clapper board on your WordPress editor bar.  

Click on the icon, and paste in the URL of the video you want to embed in the top box.  

Fill out any other options. Here, choose Thumbnail as your mode.

Click on the Insert Short Code option.

Your post should now look like the following.  

Click on Publish to save your post.

When you review it, you should see a thumbnail image of the video. 

When we click on this thumbnail, the background of our page will go grey, and our video will play inside a nice looking 'colorbox'. This relies on the jQuery colorbox plugin we installed.

It also intelligently works out how large your browser is on your screen and adapts. This is the Responsive part.  

On a large screen it looks like the above.

If your browser window is small, it responds and adapts.

There are different settings that you can choose for this colorbox, which change the look.