Guide to Independent Video Hosting

Basic Video Embedding in Drupal

Drupal is a content management system like WordPress. A lot of developers like Drupal as you can quickly and flexibly create websites with quite complex functionality. As we progress through the sections on Drupal, we will start with a very basic set up and gradually add more features.

Embedding Video in Drupal

To embed video inside Drupal, we can use the OEmbed technique.

First, install and enable the OEmbed module in the normal way. Make sure to also enable the oEmbed Filter sub module.  

You can test if oEmbed is working on the test tab of the module's configuration.

In the admin section, navigate to configuration, media, oEmbed and then Test [admin/config/media/oembed/test].  

Enter the URL of a video. Click Submit. If the test works, you will see an embedded player.

This means you can paste in an URL of a supported video provider into any content post, which will convert to a player when you view the content. 

Let's try this with the default Article content type.  

Post the video URL into an article. Make sure not to make the URL a link or the embed won't work.

Save the post and your video should appear.  

This process works well. However, it is quite limited in how the video is displayed. Read on for more options.