Guide to Independent Video Hosting

Hands on: Using Miro Community

Miro Community is a great tool that aggregates (brings together) different videos from different sources. It doesn't take long to set up and produces a great looking site quickly. Have a look at these examples of Miro Community websites.


As a Service or Self-hosted Miro Community

Miro community is available as a service with various pricing plans or as a code that you can download and install on your server. There are various advantages to either option.

As a Service: The main advantage to run Miro Community as a service is that it takes care of all the technical needs. You simply need to sign up for an account and start using it. Unfortunately, the free service was discontinued during the writing of this guide.  

Self-hosted: When self-hosting, you don't run into video number limits, which are part of the service pricing structure. You may also extend the features and change the layout.

Features Miro Community 

Here are some of the features that make Miro Community such an appealing option for a video aggregator site. 

Display Video Information Attractively

Miro Community takes advantage of feeds and APIs to including thumbnail images of the videos as well as details about them, to create an attractive layout of imported videos. You can set featured videos to show in a slide show.   

Add Individual Videos

Add individual videos to the site in the following ways

  • Add the URL of a supported video sharing site

  • Add the direct link to a supported video file - mp4, webm etc

  • Add the details any video that has an embed code   


Add RSS Feeds and YouTube Channels

If the source of videos that you are trying to add has a RSS feed or if they have a YouTube channel, then these sources can be added. To do this, add the URL of the feed or channel into the Manage Sources tab for your Miro Community dashboard. Click on Add Feed and follow the instructions.  

Approve or Reject Pending Video Quickly and Simply

You can set some sources to appear on your site automatically, or you can add them to a queue of videos that you moderate manually. The process is quick and simple to understand.