Starting the XO


To start the XO, press the Power button, near the lower right corner of the screen. The XO takes  about two minutes to start up.

If the battery needs charging, the light next to the power button glows red. Plug the AC adaptor into the left side of the XO and plug the power cord into an outlet if you see a red light or if the XO does not start up.

If you have difficulty starting your XO, refer to the Repairing chapter for ideas.

Starting for the first time

After you press the power button and the XO initially starts up, the XO screen asks for your first name.  The next time you start it, it remembers your name and goes directly to the Home View. Later on you can learn how to change to a nickname of your choosing.

  1. Type your name.


  2. After you enter your name, click Next.
    (Use a finger on the touchpad below the keyboard to move the arrow over the word "Next". Press the key below the touchpad on the left with an "X" on it to "click".)


  3. Next, you will a small O on top of an X. This symbol represents you when you use your XO. Use your finger on the touchpad to move the arrow over the person symbol. "Click" this symbol by pressing the key with an "X" on the left below the touchpad to choose colors that you like.


  4. After you choose your colors, click "Done."


Shutting down the XO

  1. When you have finished using the computer, go to the Home View by pressing the key with a single dot in a black circle, in the top row on the left.
  2. Click the middle XO icon to view a menu.
  3. On the menu, click Shutdown to ensure that your laptop stops properly. 


You should always follow this Shutdown procedure, because it allows your XO to tidy up its internal files before it turns itself off. This helps the XO know where to find things when you start up again.  However, if something bad happens and you can't move the pointer or you can't click, you can make an emergency shutdown by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. Be careful that your power button does not get stuck in the down position. If it does get stuck, the XO does not detect the depression of the power button, and does not turn on. If this happens, refer to the Repairing chapter for information on how to repair it.