The Journal Activity offers file storage and retrieval through the Sugar user interface. To view the Journal, click the Journal icon in the Frame, shown next to the View icons below.


Internal Storage

Your XO can store a limited number of files on its 1 GB flash disk drive. You should maintain your XO so that it does not run out of storage space for new files. You can delete some items by using the Journal Activity.


To clear out space for more files:

1. On the Frame, click the Journal icon.
2. Hover the pointer over the Journal icon to see the amount of free space.
3. Look for files that you can delete, such as old files or large files that you have copied to another location.
  • In general, video and audio media files and some PDF files or e-books are larger than individual Write Activity files or still photographs. The upper limit for a PDF file that the XO can read is about 36 MB.
  • The Browse Activity may download more than one copy of a PDF or media file if you do not realize you have already downloaded it. Delete duplicates to save space.
4. Select a file to delete by right-clicking its icon and clicking Erase.
Or, click the small arrow button to go to a preview of the Activity or file.  Once you are previewing the item, click the Erase icon (minus sign at the top of the screen). erase
If you want to resume using the file, click the icon for the file to launch the Activity.

External Storage

You can use either an SD card or a USB storage device or drive to save and retrieve files externally.

An SD card (Secure Digital card) is a flat, rectangular plastic device about 3.2 cm by 2.4 cm (1 1/4" by 5/8"). They are also used in many digital cameras for photo storage. The XO has one SD card slot.

The easiest to use are USB storage Flash Drives (memory sticks).  These are about the size of a pack of chewing gum. Certain brands have an onboard indicator light, showing when data is moving to or from the computer.

There are 3 ports on the XO that you can use with a USB flash drive. One is on the left of the screen, two are on the right. All are protected by the antennae when the XO is closed.

To start access to a storage device

  1. Insert the USB drive or SD card.
  2. Go to the Journal view to see the USB or SD icon in the lower left of the Frame.

To save a file from the journal to the USB drive or SD card

  • Click the Journal item's icon and drag it to the USB/SD icon.

To retrieve a file from the USB drive or SD card

  • Click the USB/SD icon first.
  • Drag the item from the USB drive or SD card to the journal icon.

To remove the USB drive

Move the pointer over the USB icon at the bottom of the Journal and click Unmount.


When the USB icon disappears, it is safe to remove the USB drive.

To insert an SD card

The SD card slot is underneath the screen, below the power button. You will need to rotate the screen counterclockwise to access this slot.


To remove an SD card

Move the pointer over the SD icon at the bottom of the Journal and click Unmount.


When the SD icon disappears, it is safe to remove the SD card. Push upwards on the card with your thumb and release to spring it from the slot.