Your XO laptop is checked for safety against the European Union's RoHS Directive, which ensures that it contains no hazardous or unsafe materials. Its NiMH batteries contain no toxic heavy metals.

Virus protection

As you may know, it is possible for some computers to be "infected" with a "virus" when connected to other computers. Viruses are programs that can copy themselves and often cause problems for the computer that runs them. The XO laptop cannot be easily infected by viruses, because of its unique security system that isolates each Activity. Currently you do not need to install separate anti-virus software or firewall software.

Internet safety

Please realize that the XO laptop is designed for easy-to-use wireless connection to the Internet and other networks. While the Internet lets you access lots of useful information and talk to lots of people, not all of the information or people are good and safe. You should be careful and ask your teacher or parent for help and protection while browsing on the Internet.

Parents and teachers, we recommend that you filter Internet content as appropriate for your school district or home, stay in touch with what your children and students are reading and finding on the Internet, and ask your Internet Service Provider for assistance with filtering what parts of the Internet your XO can access.