Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use key presses instead of moving the pointer for some actions on the XO. This list shows the keys that you press at the same time to get the described results. Note: not all shortcuts will work in all Activities.

Keyboard English

Key combination
ctrl + c (shift + ctrl + c in Terminal)
Copy the selection
ctrl + v (shift + ctrl + v in Terminal)
Paste the selection
ctrl + x (shift + ctrl + x in Terminal)
Cut the selection
ctrl + u while using the Browse Activity
Launch the Write Activity and view the source code for the current web page
alt + esc
Quit an Activity
alt + tab
Cycle forward through running Activities
shift + alt + tab
Cycle backward through running Activities
alt + enter
Toggle full-screen mode
alt + spacebar
Toggle tray visibility. This command may not work in all applications.
alt + 1
Save a snapshot of the current screen into the Journal
ctrl + alt + erase
Restart Sugar, the graphical interface for the XO
fn + 1
Neighborhood View
fn + 2
Group View
fn + 3
Home View
fn + 4
Activity View
shift + alt + r
Rotate the display
esc + Frame icon key + RightArrow + fn
(the four corners keys on the keyboard)
Reset the touchpad if the pointer behaves strangely when you use the touchpad
fn + spacebar
View source code system wide. This command may not work in all applications.
fn + up arrow
Page Up
fn + down arrow
Page Down
fn + left arrow
fn + right arrow
ctrl + brightness down
Backlight off - black&white mode
ctrl + brightness up
Full brightness - color mode
ctrl + volume down
ctrl + volume up
Full volume