Replacing the Battery

You do not need to remove the battery unless it is faulty. For example, a faulty battery might not charge, or might lose its power very quickly. Here are instructions for removing a faulty battery.

Removing the battery

  1. Shut down the XO by going to the Home View, clicking the XO icon, and then clicking Shutdown.
  2. Close the lid, and turn the XO over, so that the XO logo is on the underside.
  3. Slide the right-hand side catch further to the right. It does not come off.

  4. Slide the left-hand side catch further to the left. Note that this catch is spring loaded so you must hold it in the desired position.
  5. Lift the battery out from the central indentation between the two catches.
To re-insert the battery, refer to the Charging chapter.

Locating a battery for replacement

Refer to wiki.laptop.org/go/Directory_of_repair_centers to get to the most recent directory of repair centers, and ask for a replacement battery for your XO.