Open Video Workbook

Terms & Techniques: Enhancing Web Video

By the end of this module you will

  • be able to add additions to online video files including a
  • be familiar with the concept of enhancing web video
  • be able to use the online tool Popcorn Maker
  • have an understanding of the Popcorn.js tool

Tools you will need for this module:

  • Internet Connection
  • An up-to-date Browser

Web Video:  Web video are videos that are already online. They may be hosted at a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. They may also be a simple video file uploaded to the internet.

Hosted Video File: A 'hosted' video file refers to a file that has been uploaded to web-server. To use this in a context of Popcorn tool you will need to have a direct link to the online video file. 

Javascript libraries: Technically speacking, Popcorn.js is a whole bunch of java script code called a javascript library. One of the advatanges to tools like Popcorn Maker and Popcorn.js is that you don't need to understand what is going on the background with this code to take advantage of what it can do. 

Enhanced Web Video: There are many terms for the concept of adding extra related information to videos displayed in the web browser. These include augmented web video, extended web video, expanded web video. Popcorn Maker is just one tool and approach to creating enhanced web video. This is a rapidly growing area in open video and we can look forward to lots of innovation.