Open Video Workbook

Terms & Techniques: Online Video Distribution

By the end of this module you will

  • be able to distribute video fvia the Internet using
  • understand different options and tools available to you to distribute video on the Internet

Tools you will need for this module:

  • Internet Connection
  • A video file suitable for uploading to the Internet

Video CMS: A CMS is a content management system. It is a way of organising your text and media in a more flexible way than a series of web pages. Common CMS's include Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. A Video CMS is specifically aimed at distributing video. It may include ability to allow your video to be downloaded in different formats. - a non-profit online video sharingsite that focuses on social justice and environmental issues int the Asia┬┤Pacific.

Platform: In the context of this chapter, 'platform' refers to any of the websites available for you to publish your video online.

Data: Structured information. In this case, data about online behavior of people surfing the internet, structured in a way where it can be analysed and used for other purposes, in the example of Google - mapping trends in order to target advertisments.

Online behavior: What you look at, click on or scroll through on the internet.