Open Video Workbook

Terms & Techniques: Subtitling

By the end of this module you will

  • be able to create subtitles for a video online
  • be familiar with the terms transcript, subtitles, closed captions

Tools you will need for this module:

  • Internet Connection

Transcript: A transcript is a written version of the spoken words in your video: the dialogue, interviews and narration.. Adding a transcript to your video has several advantages: it makes the video accessible to anyone who may have issues hearing or understanding the spoken words, it make tranalting the video easier, it allows search engines like Google to index the content of the film, and will help people to find it when searching for related terms.

Subtitles: Subtitles contain the same text as a transcript. What makes them different is that they are timed and placed on top of the video, for example, for the hard of hearing, or to translate what the person on screen is saying into another language. 

Closed captions. Closed captions are a kind of subtitle. Closed captions can be part of a video file (internal) or one or more separate file(s) (external) and they can be turned on and off. Any given video can have a number of separate versions of closed captions, e.g. different language subtitles.