Download and Extract OpenEvSys

Download the OpenEvSys application from

Open up your web browser and visit the OpenEvSys download page on, here. Because you are installing OpenEvSys on a Microsoft Windows computer, you will need to download the file called:

Save OpenEvsys in the WAMPServer /www directory

Right click on the link called Now select "save link as" from the menu. When asked, choose the following directory (or wherever you installed WAMPServer):


An empty /www directory

Nothing in the c:/wamp/www directory yet!

The OpenEvSys application is now saved in the right directory

There you go.

Un-archive the OpenEvSys application

The file you downloaded from has a .zip extension. This means it is archived or compressed. Archiving makes files smaller, which means they can be downloaded more quickly. Archiving also means that complete directories containing many files can be transfered all at once.

To use the contents of the .zip, we have to extract the folders and files from it first. There are many different tools to do this, including the tool built into Windows Vista, or third party tools like WinZip, 7Zip or WinRar. Usually, the controls of these archiving tools are accessed by right clicking to bring up Window's context menu.

I am choosing to use WinRar. Right click on and choose "extract here". This means that the contents of will be extracted to this directory:


This directory will be created automatically by the unarchiving tool that you use.

OpenEvSys is being extracted from its archive

WinRar - and any other archiving tool - will show you what files it is extracting, and how much progress it has made.

OpenEvsys has been successfully extracted

You can see the new directory alongside the original .zip file.

Have a look inside the new OpenEvSys directory

Web applications have a directory structure containing lots of different files. For the purposes of this tutorial, we don't need to know anything about these.