Installing OpenEvsys

Get OpenEvsys

Download the OpenEvSys application from Open your web browser and visit the OpenEvSys download page on

Get The File

Because your installing OpenEvSys on Macintosh, you'll need to download specific file called:



For this tutorial, we use openevsys_0.9-rc1.tar.gz

Later versions of OpenEvSys will also be listed here when they are released.


To use the application, you must extract the file to the right directory. Open the package file using your archive application (The Unarchiver is the default application for Mac) and put the file into to:


Please make sure that you put it in the right folder, or else the application won't work properly.

Installing OpenEvsys

Open your web-browser. In the address bar, type the following URL:


 and press enter.

The localhost:8888 is the MAMP server, and your browser will know where to look. Localhost is shorthand for the MAMP server's /htdocs directory, as you can see:

 http://localhost:8888/openevsys_0.9-rc1/www/ is .../Application/MAMP/htdocs 

The installer will now start automatically. If it doesn't start automatically, this is probably because you have unarchived OpenEvSys in a different directory. Find where you've unarchived it, and move the whole directory to .../Application/MAMP/htdocs

Setup Database

OpenEvSys stores information in a MySQL database. You installed MySQL on your computer when you installed MAMP. OpenEvSys will create the database automatically. For now, we can use MAMP default MySQL credentials:

Please fill all the field with:

  • Host: localhost - This means the MySQL database on your computer.
  • User: root - This is the MySQL default user. To use another user, or configure OpenEvSys for real use, you will need to configure MySQL, which is covered in another tutorial. 
  • Password: root - On MAMP, the user called root has default password. 
  • Name: openevsys - Give the database a name. MySQL can have many different databases running, so we have to create one specifically for OpenEvSys data. Let's call it openevsys. 
  • admin has complete complete control over OpenEvsys, and we set up the password during installation. You will be able to change the admin password once installation is complete, but we suggest selecting a strong password now.

Now just select "install". The installation process will start: it should take no longer than 10 seconds.

OpenEvSys's essential information, such as the database password, is stored in this file:


You can choose to do what OpenEvSys suggests, and make the file read-only. This will prevent it from being altered by the application, and is a basic level safety measure.

You can start using OpenEvsys!

The default username for the administrator is admin. The password will be the password you gave during installation to login to OpenEvSys.

Have fun!