Get help and training

HURIDOCS can provide onsite training to assist organisations in setting up OpenEvSys, adapting and customising it, recording violations, and searching and analysis.

Using the OpenEvsys software is the easy part, as its kind of intuitive to understand and use. However documenting human rights violations is not so easy. In other words, we strongly recommend some training by experienced experts at the outset. Believe us, some training at the start will really help you to build a solid and feasible documentation project, choose the tools that suit your needs, and avoid some of the problems and pitfalls mentioned in the HRDAG Core Concepts.

For help in assessing your needs, identifying the right documentation approach, and choosing the right tool, for training on human rights documentation and use of OpenEvSys, contact us at

At the very least, give us a call to discuss your project before you start using OpenEvsys, we'd be happy to learn about your project, and provide you with a free demo over the web, links to experts and any advice we can provide. Contact Daniel D'Esposito anytime: phone to 0041 22 755 52 52, email to, skype at daniel.desposito.