Get and Install MAMP


Download MAMP

Open your web-browser and go to the MAMP download page MAMP download page ( Save the file somewhere on your computer.

Check the hardisk space

Please check you have enough free space on your computer before installing MAMP. To install MAMP, you will need space 356 MB on your hardisk.

Installing MAMP

Find and extract the file by clicking twice to install it onto your computer.

License Agreement

To continue the installation, you must agree to the license agreement.

Just click "Agree" button to continue the installation.

Up-grade MAMP

If you have a previous version of MAMP installed, please read “how to upgrade.rtf” to find out how to upgrade MAMP.

Drag the MAMP folder to Application folder or you can copy the folder and put it into


Please use the MAMP rather than MAMP PRO on this installation. Otherwise you will have to buy the PRO version.

Installation process begins.

Check the Installation

Please check the installation by checking the Application folder


Finished! You have MAMP on your computer! Well done.