How to import new Savings accounts

Import savings accounts functionality allows users to create a multiple savings accounts in Mifos by importing them from .xls file.

Template to create .xls file with savings accounts can be downloaded from here.

Use following table to fill all necessary fields:

Column name Column description
Account Number Savings account global identification number. It should be unique for each account.
Customer Global ID Number of customer for which we create new account. Customer must exist in the system and have “Active” state.
Product Name Name of savings product which will be used as a base for new savings account. Product must exist in the system.
Status Name Allowed values are:
  • Canceled
  • Active
  • Closed
  • Partial Application
  • Pending Approval
  • Values are not case-sensitive.
Cancel Flag Reason Reason for canceling account.
Allowed values are:
  • Withdraw
  • Blacklisted
  • Rejected
  • Values are not case-sensitive.
Savings Amount Savings (deposit) amount.
Savings Balance Savings balance amount.


If you have prepared Excel file with savings accounts, you can start importing them into Mifos.

1. Open Mifos and go to Administration page ("Admin").

2. Click on link "Import Savings" link under ‘Manage Imports and Exports’ section.

 3. System open new page "Import Savings".

4. Select document with savings data (XLS Document) and upload it to Mifos server.

5. System parses uploaded document and shows to you how many rows were  parsed successfully and which rows were not. Each row with errors has an explanation.

6. Click "Submit" button to save imported rows if any of them were parsed successfully.

7. System will save data and presents a simple summary.