How to link questions

It is possible to connect separate questions, so the question may be dependent on different one. If questions are linked, some of them may not be displayed if there is no such need.

To link questions, there is a need to specify following parameters:

Field Value
Source question  
Link type  Not equals / equals

Alphanumeric, drop down

(depends on question type)

Applies to Question / Section
Affected question  


Follow instructions below to link questions:

  1. Go to Admin page and click on Add question group link.
  2. Select existing questions or add new ones that you want to have in your question group.
  3. Now you can link questions. Question links section looks like following:
  4. Specify Source question - it is the question, that linked ones will depend on. In drop box there is a list of questions that you may choose.
  5. Choose Link type. You may choose option "Equal" or "Not equal". The result of taking Equal will be displaying a question linked to source question, only if answer will be positive.
  6. Type/choose value. It should be answer on the question. If for example, answer type will be "Select", than you will see drop box instead of text box.
  7. Mark Applies to field. You may choose "Question", than you will link just one separate question or you can choose "Section", than you will link whole section, where may be a couple of questions. Section must be previously created.
  8. Affected question is a question that will be linked to source question. If answer value is not positive, than this question will not be displayed.