How to switch between languages

Mifos is translated into many different languages and it gives you possibility to easily switch between them.

You can choose your preferred language in two ways:
1. Change language in 'Your Settings' section
2. Use 'Change Preferred Language' link

How to change language in 'Your Settings' section

1. Click on Your settings link on the main screen.


2. You may see a screen like this:


3. Click on Edit information link. You may see:


 4. Choose your preferred language from drop-down list.



5. Click  Preview to check your entries.
6. If you like to change anything, click Edit information to return to the earlier screen.
7. When the entries are correct, click Submit to save them or if you decide not to change any label at this time, click Cancel.

How to change language by 'Change Preferred Language' link

1. Click on Change Preferred Language  on the right corner on Mifos website.



2. You might see a screen like this:


3. Choose your preferred language from drop-down list and click Change.

How to add new language to Mifos

Mifos is currently fully translated into many different languages, other translations are in progress.
Full stats of all languages can be viewed at http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Mifos/stats.

New languages can be translated by using the online translation tool at Translatewiki.net or by   downloading the translation message files and translating them offline in a tool like .poedit.

To add a new local to Mifos you need to have some development skills to write the code. If you don't have such abilities, you need to request that new language/locale should be added into Mifos.

To do that, send an email to the mifos-developer list with the subject line, "Please add [LOCALE] into Mifos Database." and then new locale will be added to the new version of Mifos.