How to use User interface for Chart of Accounts creation

Chart of Account creation & mapping is core of any MIS & financial accounting system. Previously configuration and customization of COA was only available by editing xml file. This way was not effective and not easy to manage.

New version of Mifos brings functionality which allows to add new, modify and remove accounts directly from the Mifos User Interface. It is possible to modify/remove only those GL Codes which were not previously used in the system. Four main categories ASSETS, LIABILITIES, INCOME and EXPENDITURE cannot be removed or modified.

Note: Initial version of Chart of Accounts xml file still needs to be added to Mifos before first start of Mifos.

Follow the steps below to see how to manage Chart of Accounts directly from Mifos UI.

1. Open 'Admin' tab and click on 'Manage Chart of Accounts' link:

2. On 'Manage Chart of Accounts' page, four main categories will be displayed:

3. You can expand each main category by clicking on its name:


4. Next to each account, there is a link to Add a new under it or if possible, link to Modify and Delete account:

5. To add a new GL Code under the e.g. ASSETS category, click on Add link next to the ASSETS:


6. 'Define new Charts of Accounts code' page will be displayed on which you can specify name of account and GL Code:

7. After entering name and code, click on 'Preview' button and 'Submit' to confirm the account creation:

8. New account will by automatically added and listed on 'Manage Chart of Accounts' page:


9. If you want to modify account (if account wasn't previously used) then click on Modify link, next to account. 'Modify Charts of Accounts code' page will be displayed:

10. On 'Modify Charts of Accounts code' page it is possible to change name of the account, GL code number and also move it to another parent account. At the bottom there is a section in which there is a possibility to see the whole Chart of Accounts tree and you can check to which parent it can be moved:

11. After modifying account parameters click on 'Preview' button and then on 'Submit' button to save the changes:


12. Account will be modified and automatically refreshed on the Chart of Accounts list:

13. If you want to remove account (if account wasn't previously used) then click on Delete link, next to account. 'Delete Charts of Accounts code' page will be displayed:

14. Click 'Delete' button to remove account. Account will be deleted and will no longer exist in the system.

Managing Chart of Accounts functionality has its own permission, so it is possible to control which users can add/modify/delete accounts:


When permission is disabled then Add/Modify/Delete links are not displayed next to the accounts: