How to Bypass Internet Censorship


JonDo started as a German university project called Java Anon Proxy (JAP) and has become a robust anonymity tool that, like Tor, sends traffic through several independent servers.

Unlike Tor, however, the JonDo network mixes servers run by volunteers with others maintained by a parent company. The arrangement gives users a choice of speeds: 30-50 kBit/s (about the speed of an analog modem connection) for free, >600 kBit/s for a fee. For a more detailed comparison and price list, see:

General Information

Supported operating system
Localization English, German, Czech, Dutch, French and Russian
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To use the JonDo network, called JonDonym, you'll need to download the JonDo client for your operating system from Versions are available for Linux (about 9 MB), Mac OS X (about 17 MB) and Windows (about 35 MB).

Once you have download the client, install it as you would any software for your platform. You may be asked if you wish to install it on your PC or if you wish to create a portable version. For our example, we will assume you are installing JonDo on a PC.

Windows users also may be invited to install the JonDoFox web browser, discussed below.

Configuration and Usage

When you first start JonDo, you can choose the language you want displayed.


Next, you can choose the level of detail you wish to see when using the service. Inexperienced users should choose "Simplified view".


On the next screen, the Installation assistant asks you to choose the Web browser that you want to use the JonDo proxy tool. Click on the name of your browser, and follow the instructions.


Once that is completed, JonDo asks you to test your configuration. In the control panel, switch anonymity to Off and then try opening a Web site with the browser you have just configured.


If JonDo shows you a warning and you have to choose "Yes" to view the Web site, everything is configured properly and you can select "The warning is shown. Websurfing is possible after confirmation". If any other description applies to you, choose it and the Installation assistant will give you more information on how to solve the problem.


Now take the second step to insure a proper configuration: Switch anonymity to "On" in the control panel and open a random Web site with the browser you have configured.


If the Web site loads, everything is fine and you can click "Connection established, websurfing is fine". If another description applies to you choose that one and the Installation assistant will help you solve the problem.


We're almost done. You have successfully configured your browser to connect through the JonDo network. Now, you should also configure your browser so that it doesn't accidentally leak any information. Click on the name of your browser to start the process.


If the standard JonDo servers are already blocked in your country, you should try the anti-censorship option. Click "Config" in the control panel and select the Network tab. Click on "Connect to other JAP/JonDo users in order to reach the anonymization service". Read the warning and confirm by clicking "Yes".


To make sure you configured your browser correctly, you can point it to which will tell you if there is any problem.


For additional security, the JonDoNym team offers a modified Firefox Web browser called JonDoFox. Similar to the Tor browser bundle, it prevents leaking additional information while using the anonymization tool.

You can download the tool at