How to Bypass Internet Censorship

Further Resources 

Bypassing Internet censorship is a big topic, with dozens of tools and services available. There are also lots of things to consider if you want your circumvention activities to be harder to detect or to block in the future, if you want to achieve anonymity in your Internet use, or if you want to help other people circumvent censorship. Here are some recommended resources for further study about related matters. (Some of these resources may be unavailable or blocked in some places.)

Manuals and guides

Circumventing Internet censorship

Computer security advice for activists

 Studies on Internet censorship

Organizations that work on documenting, fighting or circumventing Internet restrictions

Open Web proxies and application proxies 

Circumvention solutions and service operators

A list of commercial VPN providers

Socksification software (to make non-proxy aware software work with a SOCKS proxy)