About this Manual

This manual has been a work in progress from 2007 with contributions from FLOSS Manuals and Tactical Tech.

In 2011 Mick Fuzz and Martin Kean took on co-ordination of the update to the existing manual to use it as a way of documenting the process of setting up a WordPress community, and to encourage other groups to set up their own community sites and networks.

The first printed edition was finished in the summer of 2012. Special thanks go to Helen Varley Jamieson, treb0r, and Roy from mantex for their great input. And finally, a dedication to the WordPress documentation community for their tireless work maintaining the documentation at http://wordpress.org.  

If you would like to contribute to the manual and help keep it up to date, please sign up for an account and edit away. Please join the FLOSS Manuals 'discuss' mailing list, let us know about your changes, and we will make your draft changes part of the live manual.  http://lists.flossmanuals.net/listinfo.cgi/discuss-flossmanuals.net